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About our company

We are a one stop shop for international businesses seeking to achieve success in the UK market. We specialise in launching or re-positioning products, services, and companies into the UK. In a nutshell, international businesses use our expertise to help their organisation’s direct market entry and to increase focus, develop brand identity and achieve exponential growth within the market.

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Why London and the UK Market?

London is known as one of the most attractive places to invest globally. It offers an enviable talent base, and a strong customer base, reflected across all industries. The UK’s alluring location, influence, sustainable and investment friendly business environment, attracts international businesses worldwide. The business culture in the UK is outstanding and diverse, and it’s no secret that the UK market sets the standards for global cities, attracting international trade and commerce relationships. London is a buzzing hub for industries, it’s the perfect place for global businesses to gain quicker access to clients and become more established and recognisable and established with key players within their industry.

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Whether you want to relocate your business or build a customer base in the UK Market, we will help succeed.


"They walked us through their entire process, provided us with an accurate timeline estimates and met all the deadlines. Within nine months of establishing our business in Scotland and Wales, we’ve acquired 23 new clients with the prospect of having more by the end of the year”.

Christopher Cobb Designation

“They did an amazing job repositioning our products in the market. We were a bit concerned of providing consistent service to our customers, but after being referred and now dealing with them directly, we can proudly say that we are building very fast”.

Janet Lee Designation

“The customer service is impeccable. The consultant team that we worked with are quite professional, they keep you updated on all aspects along the way while helping you gaining brand recognition and increased customer base”.

Jean Pierre Dongle Designation

The latest project we worked on was relocating one of our branches addresses to Birmingham, and so far, it has increased our customer’s trust and growth”.

Faheed Rahman Designation

“Productivity has enormously been increased due to our direct communication and better engagement with our customers. Also, customer loyalty seemed to be growing and that’s all thanks to London Business Coordinators”.

Rene van der Linden Designation

“We have been having demand after demand for our products ever since we have been show-cased and presented to many exhibitions across the country.

Yinqing Zhu Designation

Their business agents are highly professional and stand ready to be your First Point of Contact and represent you on your behalf at all business meetings while we are all the way in the Asia.

Dinesh Posham Designation

Our Clients

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